Our Philosophy

There are a number of factors that can cause excessive hair loss: genetics, a major illness, stress, or hormone imbalances. Hair loss can be temporary or long lasting. Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss, but men and women have very different patterns of loss.

The first step is identifying the cause and type of hair loss. Dr. Robert Hashemiyoon has been an expert in the field of hair loss and restoration since 1993. He will perform a comprehensive and thorough exam including the new Cross-Section Trichometry with the Haircheck device to determine your type of hair loss and recommend an appropriate personalized treatment plan... and objectively monitor the results.


Dr Robert Hashemiyoon

"The first step is a thorough evaluation to customize a hair restoration program for each individual patient."
A nationally recognized specialist in the cosmetic field, international lecturer, and published author, Dr. Robert Hashemiyoon has been specializing in hair restoration for men and women since 1993. Always on the cutting edge of science and medicine he was one of the first doctors to use his own compounded formula with finasteride at 1.2mg nearly 7 years before Propecia got FDA approved. In 2004 he began using the glaucoma medicine Lumigan for hair regrowth; in 2008 LAtisse was FDA approved using the same medicine for growth of eyelashes and currently it is in clinical studies for hair growth on the scalp. His patent-pending topical formulas in BioHair-5 and BioHair-7 have a nearly 80-90% success rate with hair restoration without surgery. For more extreme cases he is the first physician in the Valley to use the new State Of The Art Neograft system for fast and effective FUE hair transplantation for men and women. With the Neograft system patients can expect 24-48 hours recovery, no visible scars (so they can wear their hair short), and 2000-3000 grafts (which means 5000-7500) in one session.