BioHair X - Tofacitinib And Bimatoprost Hair Growth Treatment

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BioHair X - Tofacitinib And Bimatoprost Hair Growth Treatment

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Tofacitinib bimotoprost for hair loss and regrowth is available by prescription only. Topically


Hair loss can have significant negative impact on the self-esteem and quality of life of the men an women affected. According to The Washington Post, American hair loss sufferers spend more than 3.5 billion dollars a year in an attempt to treat their hair loss. Unfortunately, 99% of all products being marketed in the less than ethical hair loss treatment industry are completely ineffective for the majority of those who use them.

It is refreshing that in a field that is riddled with sham products there is now one that has all the science and research behind it and it is of medical grade quality.

Biohair X® has been formulated by a licensed physician specialized in hair loss and treatment since 1993 who is renowned in his field and compounded by a certified USA pharmaceutical company, Every active ingredient in BioHair X® has been extensively studied in both animal and human studies and proven to be effective. The research scientist at BioLife have specifically designed BioHair X® to stop your hair loss and re-grow your hair regardless of whether you have alopecia androgenetica or alopecia areata.

3 Proven Active Ingredients

Tofacitinib - Janus Kinase (JAK) inhibitors are FDA approved drugs for oral use to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis. In recent animal and human studies it has been found that JAK modulators reduce peri-follicular inflammation and stimulate your hair follicles to jump back into growth phase. Once the follicle is stimulated to grow hair again the hair resumes its normal growth pattern and grows about 1cm every month. With this treatment your hairs reverse the steps to baldness leading you back to a full head of hair. In some animal studies hair regrowth occurred in 10 days! Now in phase 2 clinical trials for hair loss, the results have been incredibly promising for both types of alopecia: areata and androgenetica. Here are just some of the actual results from real patients:

Bimatoprost - This Prostamide is the active ingredient in Latisse®, FDA approved to grow longer thicker lashes. To date the Phase 1 and 2 clinical trial findings have reported that Bimatoprost 1% and Bimatoprost 3% BID both result in slightly superior hair growth in comparison to Minoxidil 5%, based on an “Expert Panel Review” and based on an “Investigator Global Assessment.” It seems to work by making follicles stay in the anagen (growing) phase for a longer period of time, which increases the growing time. This also means new hair forms quicker, and old hair falls out slower, so there are more visible hairs coming out at any time, which gives you denser hair.

- Research published in the International Journal of Trichology in 2012 found that the antiandrogen and antioxidant properties of the hormone melatonin could be made into a topical solution for the treatment of early stage androgenetic alopecia, or common male and female pattern baldness. Four different study designs observed that daily application of the melatonin solution to the scalp reduced hair loss and caused new hair growth.