Patient Results

Patient 1

NeoGraft Hair Transplant

Patient 2

NeoGraft Hair Transplant

Patient 3

NeoGraft for Female Hair Loss

Patient 4

NeoGraft Hair Transplant

Patient 5

NeoGraft Hair Transplant & Medical Growth

Patient 6

NeoGraft Facial Hair Transplant

Patient 7

Medical Restoration & NeoGraft Transplant

Patient 8

Medical Restoration & NeoGraft Transplant

Patient 9

Medical Restoration & NeoGraft Transplant

Patient 10

NeoGraft Hair Implant

Patient 11

Facial Hair Implant

Patient 12

Facial Hair Implant

Fast Recovery

Here is one of our patients exactly 1 week after the procedure. As you can see the after picture on the right looks the same or perhaps even better than the before picture on the left. There is no way to know that this patient had any procedure done at all. The results are that natural looking. And there is none of the usual pain, bleeding, scarring, or downtime of traditional strip hair transplants. Which would you choose?

More Results

Hair grows in many different directions on the scalp. It is imperative to try to maintain a natural look. Coarse, curly and wavy hair has naturally greater bulk so it covers more surface area and can be transplanted with fewer grafts. Fine straight hair has less bulk so more grafts will be required to create a fuller appearance.

Curly Hair

Even curly hair which was once mearly impossible to restore can be successfully addressed with the innovative NeoGraft system. And extreme hair loss cases can still be improved using the Follicular Unit Extraction with the new NeoGraft procedure. We can get donor hair when traditional procedures can not so almost every patient has a chance for improvement. Want a better hairline or just more volume/density at the top – then NeoGraft is the procedure for you.

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